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Chapelle Creek Kennels

Australian Shepherd Breeder – Labradoodle Breeder
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My name is Mike Davis/ My son, Leeam, and I have a relatively small kennel on our family farm which was homesteaded by my great-great grandfather in 1907. We mainly raise Australian Shepherds, Labradoodles, and Labradors. I’ve been breeding, training and working dogs for 41 years, and Leeam has been right beside me for most of his 16 years.


Most of our Australian Shepherd bloodlines go back to RAussie Kennels of Hermosa and Beresford, a well-established and highly respected kennel with really great dogs.


Not too long ago, we bought Grandpa's Workhorse Pete, a stud from Brush Creek Aussies, of Stillwater, Oklahoma. He’s sired four litters for us now. We–and our puppy buyers–have been very happy with his progeny. My descriptions of available pups focus a lot on color; however overall, I’d say that our animals are very intelligent, extremely friendly, and unusually calm.


The dogs are kenneled at night, and times when we are gone. Typically we take them on one to two mile runs (with 4-wheelers) every day. Otherwise, they pretty much have free reign of our 1,000 acre farm/ranch, where we also run 300 head of cattle. The Aussies have excellent working ability, are intelligent and quick to learn.


Chapelle Creek Kennels is located in East-Central South Dakota, near Holabird. We’d much prefer buyers picking pups up at the place; but we’re also willing and able to consider most delivery options.


Enjoy our website and get ready to fall in love! Choose one of our high quality pups at a reasonable price. You'll be so glad you did!


Hope to hear from you soon!

Mike & Leeam Davis

Meet the Dams & Sires

We'd like to introduce you to the exceptional Dams and Sires that have produced the puppies we have for sale. Click on the link below to learn more.

What People Say About Our Pups

Treg Cowen & pup

Treg Cowan is shown at left with a pup from an earlier litter by Jen and Pete.


Cowan says: "Our family bought partial interest and Chapelle Creek Kennels retains the breeding rights to this pup. We are raising him up as a family/working dog. With great conformation, perfect markings and bright blue eyes, we are really looking forward to seeing his progeny sometime soon."

Jessica G. says: "Anyone looking for a puppy should know these are great dogs. Intelligent and kind. Our is already fetching and listening to commands. Super sweet and just perfect."

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