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Both sire and dam are CKC (Continental Kennel Club)


Louis x Emmy
Whelped: February 11, 2022

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Check out Coco–the only chocolate pup in the litter!  He’s a little tiger- always up for some action, whether it be playing tag or rolling around with his littermates, exploring in the bushes and trees, or chasing the shoelaces of anybody who strolls through the puppy pen.


Coco’s got a small white blaze on his chest and a very gentlemanly white goatee on his chin that makes him look very distinguished. He’s going to make a perfect family dog for someone. Let it be you!!


Goldie, Goldie, Goldie! What an absolutely gorgeous Apricot girl!  Her hair coat just shimmers and glows in the warm sun. She’s a very perky, alert, and loving little pup. Active, intelligent, and extremely personable as well.


Goldie likes to get away from most of the litter, preferring to scamper and play with just one or two of her littermates at a time. A real “with” pup–loves to be with people!





We named this little girl Hope because we’re finally getting some nice, warm, sunshiny weather and we think that we have her to thank for it! 😂. Actually though, those words describe her perfectly. She’s got a fresh and bright personality, just like springtime.


Hope is very intelligent and learns quickly. Great personality and loves to cuddle! She will be a delight to bring to your family


Jenny is my favorite pup out of this entire gorgeous litter!  Her creamy white color seems to just melt in the warm spring sunshine. She’s so very calm and relaxed. Just being around her will take the stress out of anybody’s day.


Jenny's very attentive and intelligent, and always a real quick learner! Want to change your life for the better? Take this sweet girl home with you today!





Check out this little guy, Reno!  He’s a real lover and enjoys laying around in the warm sunshine, soaking up rays and snuggling with whoever is willing to join him. He’s very calm, quiet, and content, yet inquisitive and intelligent.


Reno loves to follow people around and takes great interest in his surroundings. A real charmer!


Say “Hello” to Skipper, a very neat, tidy, crisp, clean appearing white pup with golden colored ears!  Unique, to be sure. Very distinctive.


Skipper's hair is tightly curled, so he won’t shed much at all, and should be hypoallergenic. He’s a real gentleman around the other pups, kids, and people around here. Great personality, and highly intelligent!


Sun-Frost is the name of this little ball of curly white fur! His hair coat shines like pristine frost on the golden prairie grasses in the early morning. He promises to be a non-shedder and very hypoallergenic.


While standing still, Sun-Frost appears very regal and stately. He's well-mannered and gentle and loves to play, but not too rough. A polite young gentleman like none other.

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